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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now what?! I've got a PS3

With bruteforge 0.52 you can do any wordlist!
In a spare time will try to approaching the ppc world, to setup a gentoo system on my 60gb PS3
First milestone will be run python 2.6 and how bruteforge performs on the cell, than interfacing pyrit
I've read here about the OpenCL on cell, I'll try.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

0.52 Stable, Fast and Colorful

Gots 'acqua' in 5.334s with 511443 attempts = 95883 words/s, main faster;
Cosmetics changes in debug/verbose mode to be more read-friendly;
Fixed possible fixed mode related exceptions/issues.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Here comes the advanced mode!

Added advanced mode
You can set your custom charset + max same per-char use times 
bruteforge expect for a file called 'advanced' that contains only 2 lines:
first for charset, second for max same per-char use times, that obiouvsly must be filled by digits, one example:
cat advanced
Import adding -c 9, you have set composing with max 2 a, max 1 b, max 3 c, only 1 ? and so on, that's so... how can tell... ummm
This mode locks also the charset order!
Added to the main logic, advanced overrides the -s switch, but bruteforge ever skips based on -p [ when importing custom patterns with -i, when charset can compose patterns ]
Remember that fixing with this mode gives you a fixed number of combinations, add -d to understand the concept
Set your options, and generate!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now at 0.45, more options!

Added special charset selection;
Added custom charset selection via user input after -c 7;
Added the '##fixed##' implementation, changing only '#' in word;
Not only will do '##fixed##', but also '##fi#ed##', and '##f#x#d##', and what you want, must use '#'.
You can fix 3 'a' and set -s 3 to not use more 'a' when changing the rest of the word, es. '#a#a#a########' change # in all putting no more 'a'.
When fixing, resulting word lenght not increase!
To show a summary of your criteria, add -d -n 1, so program stops in verbose/debug mode after first attempt.

user# wget
user# chmod +x ./bruteforge
user# ./bruteforge -h
for help, without arguments shows a short description and rules.

Crunch some bytes,
I'll made a new video in a next time!