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Monday, February 8, 2010

Here comes the advanced mode!

Added advanced mode
You can set your custom charset + max same per-char use times 
bruteforge expect for a file called 'advanced' that contains only 2 lines:
first for charset, second for max same per-char use times, that obiouvsly must be filled by digits, one example:
cat advanced
Import adding -c 9, you have set composing with max 2 a, max 1 b, max 3 c, only 1 ? and so on, that's so... how can tell... ummm
This mode locks also the charset order!
Added to the main logic, advanced overrides the -s switch, but bruteforge ever skips based on -p [ when importing custom patterns with -i, when charset can compose patterns ]
Remember that fixing with this mode gives you a fixed number of combinations, add -d to understand the concept
Set your options, and generate!