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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Cops can't stop me!", but I need fuel!

Can't release anything yet, I've tested, but sometimes got wrong results!
Too busy at the moment, I'm not a real programmer, I've to spend some time working now...
I'm not surrendered, but working changes needs study.
By the way, IBM has released an upgrade to OpenCL, with big changes about device control and more, but I haven't test yet.
I've to end up with a simple host code to run the cpyrit_opencl alone and setup timing to see if any changes are good!


  1. nice performance, what changes did you do?

  2. don't be happy before the time :)
    A. are tou sire about PMK/s? use the comand "time" to calculate how much real PMK you do using passthrough attack. (time -e ESSID -i password.txt -o hash.cow passthrough)

    B. compare the same hash.cow calculated on PC and on PS3 to be sure the calculation is right.

  3. Any news?
    Are you going to release your PS3 port of Pyrit?

  4. hi! I buy PS3 for using pyrit. But its perfomance is really terrible. can you email me, or post here link of your patching version of pyrit's opencl-kernel

  5. I'm very interested in this, as the new jailbreak for the PS3 has access to the 7th SPU. Could you please release your code or give people some indication of how you have achieved these numbers.

  6. what OS are you running on the PS3?
    could you give us some more info on how to do it.
    PS3 whith asbestos hass 7 spe and the RSX from nvidea .

  7. Read this wiki to setup Fedora12 on PS3
    RSX is useless for pmk computing now, and device is not yet supported from linux userspace (no drivers); entire power come from Cell/BE via OpenCL.
    All are awaiting about the seventh spu freedom, this will give a +1 OpenCL compute unit, I'm tuned.
    Of course, I hope existing linux setups can be reused, without need to setup from scratch (a signed petitboot?).
    About fedora setup, the only issue I've encounter was that /boot can't be in ext4 due petitboot limits, but default install does this... result is unbootable;

  8. i have pyrit working on ydl 6.1
    but the benchmark only gives 700pmk/s
    how dit you get 30000 PMK/S .

  9. i followed the fedora wiki to setup yellow dog linux 6.2
    it now computes 775 pmk/s
    what patches are you using to get the higher speeds???
    please help