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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ride on java Application Servers

I'm an opensource entusiast, we can test everything for free, you just need background and skills

want to digg into the Java Application Server(s) world? Just test/run two of them:
* Red Hat developed JBoss AS, currently Wildfly;
* free solutions exists like Apache Tomcat.

My Host machine is a Gentoo x86_64 and I don't want flood my setup with tons of dependences, so just fire up Oracle Virtualbox and setup a minimal Virtual Machine to install Fedora 23

Here I have assigned just 768 MB of RAM and installed the Server flavour
This VM it's bridged to my wlan1 gentoo host and:
* can be accessed via RDP by VirtualBox itself on guest network issue
* can be accessed via sshd, running by default
* it have Docker service disabled by default

Apache Tomcat
* installed directly on guest OS via dnf
* adjusted config
* deployed a sample
Tomcat is running on port 8080

This time to test the "Docker images and container stuff" then, run JBoss AS in a container!

* disabled new firewalld default service and back to iptables
* enabling service
* building an image with JBoss AS with management console
* deployed a sample

Wildfly is running on port 8090

 Of curse, the issue in this proof of concept test IS that:
"I'm running Docker container into a Virtual Machine."

more about Docker concept