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Friday, January 22, 2010

Power up!

Fourth version, from scratch, again.

The code is now splitted into ten small functions that can be also imported from the interpreter, the main script got 2 new features:
Unique char composing via the -s 1 switch, and a very simple Custom patterns importing options.
Importing works reading one patterns for line from a custom file and appends ALL, so put everything you want to exclude.

My first Python version gots the word 'acqua' at 512099 in 20.328s, this version scores 511443 in 6.898s!
More than three times faster with more skips; if you haven't see any of my video, this is mine testing algorithm to compare versions, ever with 26 char in set, starting from 'a'.

So, switching to Python, brings to mine code ability to run everywhere, from linux to windows, also on an iphone; it's a simple script, you need only Python => 2.6
If interested, enter a terminal, and:
# wget
# bruteforge -h
Run without arguments for a small descriptions about conditions and rules, or put an eye at the code at same url