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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bruteforge 0.10_rc1, codename 512512

Almost rewritten to go faster, I've also changed his name into 'bruteforge', becouse now is smart enough to choose which char must be changed first and much more. Now it skip fast forward without restart the changing char to the first char if there are just n of that char.
Keep in mind that bruteforge doesn't break or crack nothing! Is a wordlist generator, so only prints out words!
Words can be acqua, acqua can be a password, like aababbcc
can be a password, so aababbcc is a word.
Now, a simple bruteforce compute all combinations to reach the word
acqua, 521743; bruteforge reach acqua in 512512.
There are rules that permits skips, and decrease the number of words printed out, useful when the target is having a less-weight of words to compute in your way.
Speed is not a problem, prints out about 13141 w/s on a Core2 Duo T7250; hosted on, ELF 32-bit binary

UPDATE: This was the old, no more mantained python version! Now bruteforge is entirely coded in C, check this one or here at right the blog archive to know more!