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Friday, December 10, 2010

...bruteforge has been C revamped!

I've completed the first C version, time to release;
All features of bruteforge 0.56 are implemented, with less skips, I've added full support to Extended ASCII Codes; (you can use your favourite 'èòàìù...')
bruteforge 0.6x, linux/elf386 here
documentation will be posted here

I was focused on a new function, the 'Filter Mode', from now you can pass your favourite wordlist to trim down over your favourite criteria mix...
So, not only generate wordlist in conditional way, but we can start filtering huge wordlists! (...this project seems moving like a squid...)

A diff about performance versions, I've done a simpe test, generating 100.000.000 words in a lowercasealpha, starting from 'a':
0.56 generates those in real 18m25.013s, doing 90.496 words/sec;
0.612 do the same job in real 0m24.451s, doing 4.089.812 words/sec;
In this test performance gain is 45.19x, I have no reason to maintain the python version,
anyway, script is open...