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Friday, January 14, 2011

pause, read, start

Open the door to gameos means that some developers will start to know the Cell/BE and its architecture, we all know its potentials.
Of curse, we are seeking the return of linux, with one more spu for us.
Now that I've gain some C basis and finally nvidia-toolkit 3.2 can compile fine (the stock pyrit opencl kernel back to run on my cl_developing mobile 8400gs, I can't develop on PS3 only everytime) I'm back focusing to improve performance of OpenCL implementation of PMK hash on the Cell/BE, existing implementation computes 1200 pmk/s;
Correctly improve that is possible, we have tools.

Some stuff
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fedora12-ps3 setup
Cell Architecture Explained
Hints from IBM forum
CUDA/OpenCL differences
OpenCL implementation of Sha1 hashing algo