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Thursday, February 17, 2011

pmk, dissected

As seen, pyrit opencl does about 1200... i've wroted a kernel that grab data as seen here to get processed by kernel as uint4 vectors, theorically this should does x4, and it does!
What's the big news? Output data are verified with tested vectors against 8192 sha1 rounds, or better;
First 20 of 32 byte of pmk are good with mine implementation, I've now enough C/OpenCL basis to target the differents cl address spaces provided, made use of _local and async_worg_group_copy and maybe redesign the algo to do 20+12 in the same time!
I've gotta go now, this fucking work...


  1. when will you release something ?
    great work on speeding up the ps3.
    you seem to be the only one trying to boost the performance of the ps3 in pyrit .

  2. All of this was spending spare times, PS3 is off.
    OpenCL give us possibility to write portabe code, I'm coding firstly on a notebook, with Nvidia-cl implementation.
    Too busy at the moment, I'm only sharing some of my work about, for now.
    When? Don't know, when completed maybe will be a cpyrit_cellbe plugin, or maybe bruteforge will start doing some math.
    I'm the only one? Maybe yes, as OpenCL is a brand new world...
    ...where newcomers are spreading interests!