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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's up next?

Busy at the moment, but let me know you out there what's going on:
bruteforge will be updated adding the 'Shifted variant' mode set, Niclas already knows what it does!
blackhole is importing, computing pmk and exporting to cowpatty fie as pyrit/airolib-ng/genpmk does!
About computing, I'm using the CPU in one single thread; about exporting, results are the same: diff tells me that: binary files are identical!
Now I've to implement the OpenCL code, my vectorized one(!); I can skip the stock pyrit cl implementation now, I've got error checking with SSE2 or quering blackhole_sqlite database also!
Time to give power to the Cell, targeting my 'too long time idle' 7 SPU!