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Monday, December 5, 2011

"This is not hacking, it's crypto!"

I've wrote a single program called blackhole, it:
. Stores words,
. Computes pmk against an essid,
. Stores back results into a simple sqlite database,
. Exports computed pmks to a compatty hashfile to perform the attack later with aircrack-ng or cowpatty.

And here everybody'll say: "So why you should use this? Just use pyrit!"
Pyrit is NOT optimized to run on the Cell/BE , I'm doing this to improve the speed of computing pmks with all 7 Spe in a PS3.

Just to let you know that I'm back to work over the OpenCL code now!
I'm thinking to elaborate some of my idea, writing down to let you, interested reader, understand and maybe found better solutions;
Was Feb this year when I've got some speed improvements without knowing C, how can do the job without C basis?
Months spended reading and learning a lot of stuff, sources of aircrack-ng, stuff as genpmk.c, sha1-sse2.S, pyrit, threading, the sqlite library...
This is the power of open source, I was able to realize something I've in my mind, for free!
Don't miss my next new video "blackhole's evidence".