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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OpenCL + PS3: Improvements!

To anyone follow this story, here some things to see!
I'm doing Pairwise Master Keys with all 7 compute units on a PS3 via OpenCL, check out my three kernel's output:
This is always pyrit related, but it works alone (for now), porting to a pyrit plugin will take the last step of my interests.
Was January 14, 2011 when I've told: "Correctly improve that is possible, we have tools." I was right, I've wrote the fastest implementation ever!
Now I need to improve more, there's again!


  1. can you provide more information on the installation process and distro used to build on ps3 hardware.

  2. take a look at to get OtherOS++, then install Fedora 12;
    read about at the same place, there's all you need to know about;
    get samples running;
    IBM OpenCL implementation on the Cell/BE is supported on RHEL systems, 32bit only.

  3. Hi, I read you OtherOS++ Fedora 12 tutorial but the image link [] is evidently dead.

    I tried to install it from DVD image but I cannot see the /dev/ps3dd2 during the install, so I cannot install.

    I'm sorry to post it here, but I can't reach other infos about you. Could you please help me up?
    Thanks a lot.


      keep me informed about, I need to change some link...