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Monday, June 4, 2012

bruteforge gets updates!

Here some news, I've updated our custom wordlist generator to 0.70r03, listing changes:
. bigger changes at option parsing:
added support to comments on CONFIGFILE, easier comment one line instead of cancel it directly, but also useful leave comment in it.
this surely leads to confusion playing with the last line, where Locked mode uses # to set changing characters, so...
. no more sixth line to use the Locked mode, just use the cli with -L '#exampl#'.
. added hidden -T switch to start the Tutorial mode, it pauses generation when a skip will be performed.
. added -G to generate a default CONFIGFILE to start from, it is also full commented, so read it, edit or take it as a template. When selected an interactive prompt will ask for a file name to write to.

Every character in charset has two variables (lines two and three):
maximum uses and Pattern lenght, it's from 0.70 that I've implemented a single Pattern length for each character, now I'm working on the new variable!

Hardcoded rules is: can't never be a triple in word, so when getting aaa it skips to aab; this happens for each character.
I'm working to set this limit for each character as the new variable, something like: maximum number of consecutive same character;
user can use this to use max 4 'd' globally per word, AND '3' to generate word with max consecutives 3 'd', something like:
dddafdee, aabcddde...
or to bypass the hardcoded limit, to say something like:
use max 4 'a', but max '2' consecutive 'a' in word,
use max 2 'b', but max '1' consecutive 'b' in word,
use max 3 'c', but max '2' consecutive 'c' in word,
use max 4 'd', but max '3' consecutive 'd' in word...
to get
This is a work in progress, but it's easy to implement; while awaiting this new feature, feel free to try my latest 070r03 there on the right!
if you get any issue, leave a comment below.

go directly for 070_r04 and use -G to generate default CONFIGFILE, I'll use this method to keep uptodate changelog/instruction/rules througth comments!

Every revision prints out its updated instructions now, avoiding confusion

yes, in the example I've forgot that abc will be skipped... eheh
./bruteforge advanced3 -q
daccdabdaac, 11 chars, attempt #1000000
bdaddcacacda, 12 chars, attempt #2000000
dcbdcbdadccb, 12 chars, attempt #3000000
adbcbcbadadac, 13 chars, attempt #4000000
bdabdcbdcdacb, 13 chars, attempt #5000000
cbdcbaacdbaab, 13 chars, attempt #6000000
dbcaccacdadad, 13 chars, attempt #7000000
abaacacdbdcdbc, 14 chars, attempt #8000000
acddabdccbaadb, 14 chars, attempt #9000000
baccababdccdab, 14 chars, attempt #10000000
bccbdaacaacddd, 14 chars, attempt #11000000
caacdbddcbadab, 14 chars, attempt #12000000
cbdadbcacbaacd, 14 chars, attempt #13000000
cdcadcacbaabdd, 14 chars, attempt #14000000
dbcbccaadbabdc, 14 chars, attempt #15000000
ddbdcdaaccbacb, 14 chars, attempt #16000000
abdbdccabadcbda, 15 chars, attempt #17000000
acdcdcdabaadbcb, 15 chars, attempt #18000000
bababddcaddccac, 15 chars, attempt #19000000
badddcadbccbcab, 15 chars, attempt #20000000
bccdadaabdbdacb, 15 chars, attempt #21000000
bdccdabaacdbdba, 15 chars, attempt #22000000
cadbdbadbcacdcb, 15 chars, attempt #23000000
cbdcabacadcbdba, 15 chars, attempt #24000000
cdbabdaccacdbad, 15 chars, attempt #25000000
dacdcacabdbacdb, 15 chars, attempt #26000000
dbddbcaababadcc, 15 chars, attempt #27000000
ddbccbcabdabaac, 15 chars, attempt #28000000
abdcbdcaacdbadcb, 16 chars, attempt #29000000
adbcbcbdadcdcaba, 16 chars, attempt #30000000
baccbcbdaadbdacd, 16 chars, attempt #31000000
bcbcadacbaddadbc, 16 chars, attempt #32000000
bdbdccbdaabdcaac, 16 chars, attempt #33000000
cacdbdabdccbabda, 16 chars, attempt #34000000
cbdcadddabacbcab, 16 chars, attempt #35000000
cdbdccbdcaabdaab, 16 chars, attempt #36000000
dbadccbcbadabdac, 16 chars, attempt #37000000
dcdababaacddbccb, 16 chars, attempt #38000000
Reached max word's length of 16 chars, last word 'dddcdccbcbababaa', attempt #38463782

this is with 4 characters, doing -o you'll get your targeted wordlist

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