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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

time to make us questions

would be useful analyze some kind of wordlist to know some statistics, for example:
how many times is used this char? and this one?
which is the most frequent character used?
and again, for example:
in word of 8 chars how many times is used this character? minimum/maximum times?
how many times comes abc, abcd, abcde...? and how much is the minimal/maximum consecutive recursion of the same character?
and in word of 32 chars length?
analyzing some kind of hashes which will be the results? which are the most frequent characters?
knowing some analysis result we could target better words

analyze some billion of words will be time consuming, we could program something, but parallelizing with OpenCL would be great!

blackhole has support for sqlite database and OpenCL yet, lately we can melt this new analyze feature into.
I've just write a few lines, now I'm planning how to store variables in a better way.


  1. Yes, these questions are interesting but I have another one: what about Windows user who want to use Bruteforge?

    1. you can use a dozens of linux based livecd/usb, boot, use bruteforge and save the wordlist.
      you can also try a virtual machine like virtualbox or qemu, boot linux, use bruteforge and save the wordlist.
      you can stick off windows land for an open linux world!
      and freely use bruteforge.